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AARC: Asian American Religion in Coalition (AARC) Project

Religiously-Inspired Asian American Coalitional Justice Work

6 Amazing Partnering Communities

About the Project

Our project seeks to learn from Asian American religious communities building diverse coalitions that transform the world. We’re looking to highlight how these advocates and activists serve as public knowledge makers who can help us reimagine religion, race, and community.

Project Goals

Support Asian American/Pacific Islander religious groups doing meaningful and innovative work in their communities.

Improve scholarly and public understanding of the role of religion in Asian American/Pacific Islander civic life.

Foster relationships and knowledge-sharing between organizations on the frontlines of social change.

Meet Our Team

A transdisciplinary research team consisting of six Research Fellows from various fields (sociological, historical, ethical, philosophical, and religious).

Jonathan Tran

Baylor University
Principal Investigator

Melissa Borja

University of Michigan
Research Fellow

David Chao

Princeton Theological Seminary
Research Fellow

Rupa Pillai

University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
Research Fellow

Sara Swenson

Dartmouth College
Research Fellow

Haleema Welji

University of California, San Diego
Research Fellow

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6 Amazing Partnering Religious Communities